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  • It is amazing how little is known or written about Lance Reddick, given the quality of his performances, in some of the best series on television.

    Lance Reddick is a trained theater and movie actor, as well as a musician and singer. He came late to television (given his age); his first appearance was in the TV movie, What The Deaf Man Heard, in 1997. But this talented actor quickly made up for lost time, with roles in Oz and Law and Order. His big break came when he was cast as Cedric Daniels in HBO's acclaimed series, The Wire. The co-creator and executive producer of Lost, J.J. Abrams, hired him for the fourth and fifth seasons of that show. When casting for his next series, Fringe, he turned to Lance Reddick to play Philip Broyles, an integral part of the Fringe team. It is apparent that we'll see a lot more of this actor in the future.
  • Underrated but talented and everybody's favorite bad guy

    IMO, if you ask me, he is very talented but also is
    Very underrated and very good actor who is good on the "Wire" and also is everybody's favorite bad guy from the Law & Order series to CSI Miami
    Great actor and shows a great gift of talent
    Has an official website that he is also a musician
    Seems unlike the bad guys that he portrays
    Nice and modest off screen