Lane Davies





7/31/1951 , Dalton, Georgia, United States

Birth Name




While Lane was growing up in Dalton, Georgia, Lane's parents were very active in community theatre, which caused Lane to get into acting himself. Lane was active in high school plays, and later graduated with Cum Laude status and a degree in Speech and Theatre from Middle Tennessee University. Lane performed at The Alley theatre in Houston, Texas, and then moved to New York for two years, studying acting and performing in theatre. Lane then moved to Los Angeles, where he continually performed in theatre.

Lane's first contract role in daytime came as Dr. Evan Whyland on Days of Our Lives, a role that he played from 1981 to 1982. He later earned a contract role on Santa Barbara, Mason Capwell, which he portrayed from 1984 to 1989. After he left that role, Lane went on a seven-month sebatical to travel the world, and he afterwards began to do comedy on accident. When he returned to the East Coast for more work in daytime, Lane was hired in a comedy pilot. This stuck, as Lane has been in numerous comedy series since.

In his spare time, Lane enjoys fishing, gardening, and hanging out with his sons, Nathan Hamilton and Thatcher Lee.