Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison


5/23/1980, Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Lane Garrison



Also Known As

David ^Tweener^ Apolskis, Tweener
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Lane Garrison has said that he should really be in prison, because when he was a teen he stole everything he could get his hands stereos and everything. After a botched attempt to filch a jug of wine from a strangers garage when he was 15 years…more


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    • Lane Garrison: Spare time for me is writing. I love going to movies. I am still like a six year old who gets excited to see a movie! That's probably what I do in my free time the most. I probably, literally, live in the theater.

    • Lane Garrison: The last time I stole something, my own mother drove me to the police station and turned me in. I think she scared me more than the police. I never stole anything again!

    • Lane Garrison: (talking about his character "Tweener") I'm sort of the "rat." My name is "Tweener" and my character was based on the fact that I am sort of in between white and black. But, I've also considered it sort of torn between Scofield and being loyal to him and working with Bellick. I am sort of caught in between there with them. My role keeps on increasing as the season goes on.

    • Lane Garrison: I'm a writer that creates screenplays. I wrote a script called Succubus for MGM and so I am working with my writing partner during the hiatus.

    • Lane Garrison: My dad used to draw these amazing cartoon characters and paint magnificent pieces which led me to start drawing and creating as well. It really sparked my imagination which just naturally led into film.

    • Lane Garrison: (talking about Joe Simpson) He took me into his house before Jessica was this gigantic pop star and let me live there. Otherwise, I really would be in prison, so I'm really grateful to him.

  • one of my personal favorites!

    i have been a fan of lane's since he started on prison break. he is an amazing actor. not only is he good looking but he definitely has talent. he definitely could make an amazing lead actor in a high profile film! hopefully hollywood wont pass on him! cant wait to see more from him!