Lara Boyd Rhodes





6/14/1975 , Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Lara Alexandra Calbes Wickes




Lara grew up around the theatre. Daughter of Eleanor Calbes, Canadian Opera Company's renowned soprano, Lara toured with her mother from the early age of three, from Broadway NY to the many opera houses in Europe, where they resided in Austria for a year.

Lara returned from Europe to attend a french immersion school; Rene Lamoureux, an english high school; Erindale and then on to University of Toronto where she studied business.

After working in sales and marketing for four years, Lara decided her passion was with acting. She gave up business and studied with David Rotenberg and Sears & Switzer in Toronto. Lara signed with her first agent and booked her first audition, a MOW 'Tekwar'. She then continued to work as an actress in Canada, landing commercials and guest starring roles on television shows, until she booked a leading role in the thriller 'Pinata-Survival Island', with Jaime Pressley and Nicholas Brendon, shooting in Los Angeles.

Lara moved to Los Angeles soon thereafter, where she currently resides.

Since her move she has booked several leading roles in independent films, guest leads in television shows, and local theatre productions. She is currently studying with the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Lara is represented by Felicia Sager, ART/WORK Entertainment. 310.274.4555