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  • Lara Boyd Rhodes is an exceptional performer. Casting personnel take note, as this talent is also exceptionally underutilized. One can not help but note the quick-switch versatility of which she is capable. (Being unusually "easy on the eye" helps too!)

    Compellingly expressive in La Femme Nikita 03x08 ("Outside the Box"), despite having an all too limited role. From appropriately underplayed, seductive siren to helpless and subtlely scared victim, Lara (as Tatyana) was expertly cast, acted - and is! - an eyecatching vixen. Smooth transitions in the various facets of the Tatyana character made the depth of that character apparent, as well as the far-reaching abilities of the person acting the part. It would have been easier to act the part without depth, but Lara took obvious interest in who the character was and found far more than the obvious. More! More!
  • Lara, my cousin, a great actress but needs to be given a chance.

    Lara Boyd Rhodes was in a film called Demon Island and she was pretty good in it. Despite the fact that she\'s my cousin, I think her opportunity to spread her wings have yet to be revealed and I hope that casting directors out there will see her potential as an actress. Her most recent projects are great stepping stones and I hope that she will find her nitch in the business coz she has the capacity and talent.