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  • What an idiot! I can't stand that fraily, disgustingly skinny (she'd probably take that as a complement), boney, nasty, walking flag pole! Men don't like that, they like a woman in good physical shape with some muscle on her.

    Not some girl that eats 2 grains of rice and drinks black coffee all day and will break when he hugs her! She's very unhealthy looking and if she thinks she looks good she's crazy! She probably screams & cries when she sees any Hostess products! Eat some meat! Lift some weights! Make yourself presentable!!
  • A quote from homer simpson

    If I sit in her lap I could say I have a boyle on my butt!
  • Lara Flynn just doesn't do it for me like other actresses do.

    Let me be honest, I hate her. She is entirely too skinny, she is a horrible actress, and I didn't enjoy her acting since "Baby's Day Out" (and if you didn't see that film it was not good at all). I hate seeing her ribs bursting through her dresses at awards shows, I hate her ugly face, just writing this makes me pretty unhappy. But I don't just hate her for her looks (or lack thereof) but she really sucks as actresses go (Men In Black II?). Well this review was a total bash and if you read it all, then you must not like her either, sorry.
  • just average, but.......

    I'll admit Lara Flynn Boyle is just an average actress, but with plenty of potential, but geez, if she would just go and eat something like a cheeseburger or an ice cream cone and gain a few pounds, she would be gorgeous and probably would receive more movie and television deals.