Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller


4/20/1967, Allentown, Pennisylvania, USA

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Carrie Gordon-Lowry, Lara Miller, Carrie Gordon Lowrey, Carrie Gordon, Carrie Gordon-Lowrey
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Daughter of a pajama factory owner and a homemaker, she performed on Broadway in The Music Man, which led to her part on Gimme A Break! After the show's finale, Lara majored in Politics and French at New York University, graduating in 1991. She then enrolled in law…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • One of my favorite American Voice Actors. Starred in Digimon as Kari, s-CRY-ed as Scheris, and the smartest Tachikoma in GitS: SAC. Now stars as Juniper Lee in The Life and Times of... and Puppy Clifford in Clifford's Puppy Days. She has great talent.moreless

    I have to say that Lara Jill Miller is one of my favorite and most easily recognizable voice actors that I have ever heard. But the ironic thing is, for the first four roles that she played that I have seen, I never even knew her name. The first role I heard her play was Kari Kamiya in Digimon: Adventure and Digimon: Adventure 02. I recognized her voice when I heard her play Scheris Adjani in s-CRY-ed. That was the second role I heard her in. The next anime role I heard her play was the smartest Tachikoma in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. And one final anime role I heard her play in was Karen Onodera of the Onegai Twins! (Please Twins!) series. Even though I could tell that the same person played them all, I didn't even know her name. But that changed when I overheard my baby brother watching Clifford's Puppy Days. I happened to hear a voice very similar to the voice actor who lends her voice to Kari, Scheris, Brain Tachikoma, and Karen. I asked myself, is this the same person? So I looked it up, and found out that my suspicions were correct. The person who did all these characters was Lara Jill Miller. She is a great voice actor. I can easily recognize her voice when I hear it and the memories I have of her previous roles, makes watching the show with her in it, that much more enjoyable. Her voice has a light airy tone that is pleasant to listen to with a slight southern drawl to it which is the reason why her voice is so unique and recognizable. The only thing I have to say negatively about her talents is her role as Puppy Clifford in Clifford's Puppy Days. I know that often times a studio will pick a woman to voice a boy character but when Miller plays Puppy Clifford, she does so little to disguise her voice that I recognized it almost immediately. And due to the fact that I have heard her voice as girls before, I automatically see Puppy Clifford as a girl and not a boy. But I digress, Lara Jill Miller is a wonderful voice actor and the memories I have of her and the roles she played keep me searching for any anime that she stars in so I can listen to her beautiful voice again. She is most noted for lending her voice to Juniper Lee in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Kari Kamiya in Digimon: Adventure and Digimon: Adventure 02, Scheris in s-CRY-ed, and Puppy CLiford in Clifford's Puppy Days. If you haven't yet checked out her work, I would suggest you do so soon. You will not be dissapointed.moreless
  • Cute Voice Actress for American and Japanese Animations

    I really enjoy listening to Lara Jill Miller's voice when she does either Juniper Lee or Kari Kamiya. She used to be a live actor from the series, Gimme a Break! Most of the animated characters she voiced over are girls, and a few are boys. Lara sounds much better when she does the voice from any girl. That is also one of the reasons why I like the show, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. This happens to be the first person review I've written.moreless