Lara Parker





10/27/1945 , Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Birth Name

Mary Lamar Rickey




Lara Parker was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and grew up in Memphis. She was named Mary Lamar Rickey and was always called Lamar by her family. Lamar is a family name, that of her great, great grandfather, L.Q.C. Lamar, who was a revered Southern statesman and a supreme court justice after the Civil War.

Lara attended Central High School and won a scholarship to Vassar College where she began a major in Philosophy which she completed at Southwestern at Memphis (now called Rhodes College), receiving her B.A. She attended graduate school at the University of Iowa and completed all course work on a Masters in Speech and Drama.

The summer she was writing her thesis, she acted at the Millbrook Playhouse in Loch Haven, Pennsylvania, where she played five leads in six weeks. She decided to try her luck in New York City, and the second week she was there she was cast as Angelique on the supernatural soap "Dark Shadows," a job she held for five years. While she was in New York, she appeared in a Broadway play, "Woman Is My Idea," and two off-Broadway productionss: "Lulu" and "A Gun Play."

Lara moved to Los Angeles in 1972 and began working in nighttime television. She guest starred in numerous shows including "Hawaii 5-0," "Doctor's Hospital," "Switch," and "Galactica 1980." She also appeared in several movies of the week and pilots, such as "The Lazarus Syndrome," and "Desperate Voyage." She was also on the soap opera Capitol, and in the Equity Waver production of Pinter's "The Lover." Her film credits include "Night of Dark Shadows," "Hi, Mom," and "Save the Tiger," starring Jack Lemmon.

Lara is married to Jim Hawkins, a contractor and builder, and she has three children: Rick, Andy, and Caitlin. Her son Rick Parker is a recording artist who has made four albums. She lives in a house she and her husband designed and built on a mountaintop in the Santa Monica mountains.

Lara began writing screenplays about 10 years ago, attending classes at UCLA Extension. She has completed five scripts. She has also written and directed two musical productions at her daughter's elementary school.

Lara was very excited to be offered the opportunity to write a Dark Shadows novel. "Angelique's Descent" was published by HaperCollins in 1998.

Lara attends the annual Dark Shadows Festivals and other fan gatherings.

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