Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer


6/19/1969, Garden City, Hempstead, Long Island, New York, U.S.

Birth Name

Lara Christine Von Seelen



Also Known As

Lara Haffenreffer
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Lara Spencer is known for her hosting talents and rare interviews with Hollywood's elite. Working for celebrity media shows such as Entertainment Weekly and, as of 2004, co-host of The Insider, alongside with Pat O'Brien. Lara also hosted Antiques Roadshow for two years.


Trivia and Quotes

  • GMA Watcher since the 1980's

    I have to admit I have been a loyal fan of GMA but since I have been watching and having to turn to another channel every time there is a Lara Spencer report, and if she fills in for the GREAT Robing Roberts I watch NBC I have a lot of tolerance for annoying people but she is one I can Not watch at all.
  • The best GMA anchor people in the world!

    "Hi" Lara my name is Constance Douglas, I watch the show everyday, in I must say you Robin, Amy, Geroge, . I must say that all 3 of y'all is a true blessing to me. Listening to Robin, Amy about their story really moved me into getting my myself check out. I was looking over the remarks that was said about you. They are truly upset with there lives,so they have nonething better to but to put people down, I truly hope that one day they can be happy about life as you was wondering if ya'll can help me find my father. The reason for that is because I'm facing some medical issues in I'm, wondering if it comes from my father must point out that I never met this man. My mother told me that he was a married man when she had me back in 1966. He left Jersey City, right after I was born so he left Jersey City, in 1967 from what my mother told me. Please I really need your help and any way possible, I know Robin is faithful when it comes to helping people. Lara I seen your work to in you are excellent when it comes to researching people in doing interview you are excellent. I truly love watching GMA, why because the show gives out excellent I'm not trying to find fame I, just want to find my father and in to see if I, have any other family members from my father sided. If you are interesting in hearing my story, please contact me on my husband facebook page. . Thank You GMA ya'll are the best, please can you tell Amy, Robin that they are in my prayers. In Amy, Robin they both gave me so much to live for so big ups to them God bless. I'm sorry for writing a book! Thank You Constance Douglas from Jersey Citymoreless