Larissa Wilson

Larissa Wilson


5/5/1989, Bristol, England, UK

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Larissa Wilson



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Lara Wilson
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Larissa Wilson is an English actress, most commonly known for her role as Jal Frazer in Skins. She attends John Cabot Academy in Kingswood, Bristol. In plans of a third season for Skins, Larissa's role has been written out of the show.


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    • Larissa:(On the promotion of "Skins") Erm, it being my first thing I've ever done, I was nervous. It was a mixture of emotions. I was nervous, I was excited, I was scared. Throughout the promo and everything... even now, I still get the same feelings of being nervous and excited at the same time.

    • Larissa:(On the episode "Jal" of "Skins") To have a whole episode focusing on me, it was mad. I was so nervous when we came up to filming it because obviously, I've never had that kind of attention before. I was very, very nervous but it was amazing, a great opportunity, and I'd love to do something like that again. But hard work. It was a time when you really had to know and understand your character... it was very important that you portray the character to its best and put it across for the audience to watch.

    • Larissa:(About "Skins") My family and friends all loved it. It was slightly comical as well, which is always important. You're gonna get mixed reactions from people - people have been shocked, which we knew to expect.

    • Larissa:(On if "Skins" is realistic) I think it's quite close. I know a lot of people probably watched ep 1 but it's important that each episode is watched. It's a lot of different personalities on each show, and that alone makes it wild. People will find that Jal is quite boring but I think that my character reveals a typical insecurity of that age. I know part of it is exaggerated - I don't know that many people drive a car into a river on a regular basis!

    • Larissa:(On the set of "Skins") We all became such close friends. We all got on really well and all got to really love each other - we all became like a little family! It's so funny because I think if I met these people in every day life, they wouldn't be the people I'd pick to be my friends. But because we're all different - like our characters - we all just got on really well.

    • Larissa: I've been on the Skins website. You see a lot of people, their comments and they leave messages on your pictures, saying what they think of you. It's mad to think you're just a normal teenager who goes to college every day and then suddenly people know who you are. It's completely bizarre, I still haven't got to grips with it. I find myself getting embarrassed!

    • Larissa:(About her character on "Skins") Her name is Jal. She's very talented and very musical. She plays the clarinet, which she enters a competition for in my episode. Jal's quite different from the rest. She's quite mature, being a female in her family is hard for her and she feels like she's had to mature. It's hard for her to talk. She has a very good relationship with her friends but doesn't always feel that she can talk with them... her way of expressing herself is done through the clarinet. And the clarinet is a close love of hers, and which you'll see is a big part of her life as well.