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Larissa has been involved with dancing in many Wiggles productions. She started dance at 3 years old, and studied at the Halloran School of Dance, which was one of the studios regularly used in the early Wiggles seasons. As a teenager she garnered awards in Irish Dancing at the Australian National Championships. She also graduated from Brent St. Studios with a degree in Arts in 2001.

From 1998 to 2004, Larissa partipated with the Wiggles cast as a Wiggly Red Coat Dancer and Tour Dancer as she got to travel throughout Australia, the United States, and the world. In 2004 she left the Wiggles cast, but still showed up in a few videos, and then rejoined the cast at the end of 2006.

Her other Wiggles projects include playing Fairy Larissa in the Dorothy the Dinosaur TV series, and helping out at Mikalina's Cafe, which is run by Anthony Field's wife.

She married Sean O'Donovan and has two kids.