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  • The Wiggles, an Australian children's entertainment group, has a most wonderful Wiggly Dancer as part of their cast. She appears on their vids, TV Shows, and also toured with them for awhile. Her name is Larissa Wright.

    I first noticed Wiggly Dancer Larissa Wright when we bought the Wiggles' video, Top of the Tots for our kids. Larissa is introduced as part of the cast in the opening scene of the video. We were just becoming aquainted with The Wiggles at that time, and knew very little about them, but this sunny, enthusiastic dancer caught my eye right away. As my kids got more into the Wiggles craze and we continued to buy more vids, DVD's, and watched the TV Shows, we were delighted to find that young Larissa performed in a great many productions. She is truly one of the highlights of their shows, with her energetic skillful dancing and her bright cheerful smile. Not only is she a very beautiful young lady, but as reports from Live tour performances prove, she is also a wonderful choice as a children's performer. She has high personal integrity and a personality that is very welcoming, gentle and sweet with kids. Larissa is willing to wear lots of fun costumes and play various roles to amuse kids, and just shines in her performances. It is fun to watch some of the Wiggles DVD special features and see Larissa behind the scenes on film shoots and on tour. She is very lively and fun-loving. I love the dance demos she does on the Great Wall of China in Postcard from Asia (Cold Spagetti Western DVD), and so many other shots. She is at ease both on stage and screen, and really puts her heart into her work. Two thumbs up for Larissa Wright!! We love her!!!!!