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    • According to a Christmas message on the Santa's Rockin'! DVD, Larissa got Lamby for her first Christmas when she was 3 months old.

    • Larissa has a lead role as a fairy in the Wiggles spinoff show Dorothy the Dinosaur which began broadcasting in Australia in 2007.

    • Some of Larissa's Irish Dancing awards and results

      Australia National Championship
      2001 - 19/20 yrs - 1st place
      1999 – Junior Ladies – 5th place
      1998 – 16 yrs – 2nd place

      New South Wales State Championship
      2001 - Ladies - 1st place
      2000 - Junior Ladies - 1st place
      1999 – Junior Ladies- 4th place

    • Larissa participated as a dancer in the US tour for The Wiggles in 2007 after not attending the previous two years.

    • Larissa is engaged to Sean, according to information received after the concert on February 25, 2007.

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