Larry Anderson

Larry Anderson


9/22/1952, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Larry Anderson


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    • Larry Anderson had a contract with McDonalds and was signed to be the next National Ronald McDonald, he also went on to do one television commercial as Ronald McDonald. before he asked to be let out of his contract. The actor King Moody who had been the national Ronald for 20 years was showing no signs of wear, when Larry finally asked McDonalds to let him go. Actor King Moody would leave the Ronald gig about one year later.

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  • Both appearances listed on Dr G. Medical Examiner are incorrect. I am the Larry Anderson that appeared in these episodes. I don't know if this is intentionally misleading or a mistake.moreless

    If you look at the episodes of Dr. G you will see me and not this person. Hopefully this is just an honest mistake. Since there is no photo or contact info for this actor it is not possible to contact him directly. I hope he will see this and edit his credits so that it is not misleading. You can see my resume and headshot at As of last year Dr G. Medical examiner was highest rated show on Discovery Health Channel. It is quite informative and interesting. Caio Larry Andersonmoreless