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Larry Bird

Larry Bird


12/7/1956, West Baden, Indiana (USA)

Birth Name

Larry Joe Bird



Also Known As

Larry Legend
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  • one of the greatest players to ever play the game

    larry bird is one of greatest players in my opion to ever play game. for one reason he lead the celtics to mulple champion ships. and had one of the biggest rivalrys in the nba with magic johson. who remaine good friends to day. and he has won 3point contest and has won mulple mvps.even though his caree sufferd when he had really bad back problems that was when his career was over and he played for the dream team per haps the greastest oylpic basketball team. he is a man that has done it all . there was nothing really he did not acoplish.moreless
  • One great player.

    I think Larry Bird has to be one of the most unique players in NBA history. He didn't ever do anything spectacular, but he knew how to beat you and he also knew how to come through in the clutch. Seeing him play wasn't a choice for me because I was not even old enough to even care. But watching highlights makes me wish I could have watched him in person because he was a very good player. Overall, I think that he is by far one of the all time greats in NBA history. I think he is at least. Thank you.moreless