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Larry Cohen





7/15/1941 , Kingston, New York, USA

Birth Name

Lawrence G. Cohen




Larry Cohen began an extremely successful career as a writer for television when he was still in college, his first TV work appearing before his twenty-first birthday. Much prized as an ideas man, he created such well-remembered 1960s series as "The Invaders", "Branded" and "Blue Light", and in the second half of the 60s moved into cinema work. After scripting such minor films as "Return Of The Seven" and "Daddy's Gone A-Hunting", he began to produce and direct as well. Most of his films as director have been low-budget horror movies with distinctly unusual plots, such as "It's Alive!", about a mutant baby, or "The Winged Serpent", in which Quetzelcoatl, the flying snake deity of South American mythology, appears over New York.