Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald


8/31/1983, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Birth Name

Larry Darnell Fitzgerald, Jr.


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Larry Fitzgerald is a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. He was selected third overall in the 2004 NFL draft and came into prominence during the 2008 season when he helped his team make it to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history.


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    • Larry Fitzgerald: I think my passion for sports came from within. I had been around (the players), and they showed me the path-they showed me that this is the kind of life I wanted, and that this is what I wanted to do when I got older. I was always carrying that in front of me and chasing that dream-I'm still chasing it.

    • Larry Fitzgerald: I want to be the best; I won't stop at anything. I've made a lot of sacrifices in my life to put myself in this position. Now I want to be the best, and I'll do whatever I can within my power. And, God willing, I can stay healthy and go that way.

    • Larry Fitzgerald: Training is always a huge part of being successful. The way you train, the way you eat and the things you put in your body directly correlate to what you get out of your body. So it's important to put the right things into it.

    • Larry Fitzgerald: My first day of training camp was pretty tough, because I had never dealt with the kind of intensity that comes with being a college athlete. The jump to college was actually tougher than the jump to the pros. I remember getting hit my first day of camp. Afterwards, I called my dad and said, "Maybe I'm not cut out for this." He was like, "I don't want hear that kind of stuff out of you," then he stopped answering my phone calls until the end of training camp. I had to get my life together by myself.

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