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    • Larry Kenney: I became aware of how bit a hit it was going to be when I went to Toys R' Us to get something and they had installed an entire row of ThunderCats stuff. I'm walking down the aisle thinking, 'Phew! Thank goodness it's a voice-over job where they can't recognize me or else all these kids would be, you know idolizing me and you know wanting my autograph and stuff. Anyway, this one kid says, 'I'm going to get the Jackalman, what are you going to get?' He says, 'I'm going to get the Mumm-Ra.' I couldn't help myself. I said,'Why don't you get Lion-O. He comes with the Sword of Omens. Come to my hand!' And I walk away and the kid says, 'He doesn't even sound like Lion-O!' And I'm laughing and thinking, "If you only knew, kid."

    • Larry Kenney: The first thing I thought to myself was I don't want to play him like a superhero. But they kept saying to me, 'Well we want a strong superhero voice.' So I just basically tried to make him vulnerable and yet strong. (About Lion-O.)