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Larry Schwarz was the founder and a CEO of Animation Collective. He made such animated shows. He made animated shows such as Leader Dog: The Series, Kappa Mikey, Tortellini: The Western Series, Three Delivery, and the spin-off of Speed Racer is Speed Racer: The Next Generation.


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  • I don't like this guy.....

    Really, I don't really like this guy, because his works aren't very good like Leader Dog, Tortellini since I don't watch this I just think this show stinks, the humor of his works aren't very good, well Larry art were quite good but the worst Larry Shwarz work is Thumb wrestling federation, like what kind of a show is this, why will a creator make an idea for it, although it was just for kids though, his Kappa Mikey was quite good and also his speed racer spin-off but the rest of them, nope. Remember I really don't like this guy.moreless
  • Wow, I'm speechless. What an amazing creator!

    This man is amazing. I know he does several voices on several different shows, but it's not that which impresses me the most. It's his shows, which he created. He invented the show Tortellini Western, which is a very unique cartoon series, which features very well done characters. Larry also made Leader Dog, which is also a very amazing original series, which also features very funny, and different characters. This man has done so much, but my personal favorite show that he made is entilted Thumb Wrestling Federation, which is the most orginal idea I have ever witnessed on television. This show is so good, it's amazing to even think where Larry gets all these fantastic ideas. I can't beleive he makes all of these great show, which all air on Nicktoons currently. Larry is amazing, and I'm sure there are other great creations I forgot to list, but I know he will make more shows in the future. This man is very amazing, because I don't know how he does it. He keeps making fantastic shows, and yet he doesn't run out of ideas. The shows he makes are fasinating, and fun to watch. I wish the shows he made would come out on DVD or something, because such great animation is a bad thing to waste. Larry is brilliant, and I know in the future I will be watching more masterpieces by this amazing man. How does he do it!moreless