Larry the Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy


Pawnee City, Nebraska, USA

Birth Name

Daniel Lawrence Whitney



Also Known As

Larry, Larry the Cable Guy
  • Larry the Cable Guy takes the hot seat i...
  • Larry the Cable Guy takes the hot seat i...
  • Larry the Cable Guy takes the hot seat i...
  • Larry the Cable Guy takes the hot seat i...
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Larry the Cable Guy as he is known had a good life growing up. His mom was an Elvis Impersonator and his dad was fought in Vietnam, Korea, and World War II. Daniel, otherwise known as "Larry The cable guy" got his nickname because he installed cable and…more


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    • Larry The Cable Guy: I was born and raised in Pawnee City, Nebraska. I lived right next to the sale barn and I raised pigs. My dad was a guidance counselor at Wymore High School. He was also a preacher and did farming as well. We leased out our crop land but had cattle and horses.

    • Larry The Cable Guy: Bill Engvall loves heavy metal and used to play drums for Saigon Kick in '87. Jeff Foxworthy's real name is Hyman Stein and (he) has never eaten grits! Ron White once thought he saw the Virgin Mary in a bag of pot! Even though I am doing well in stand-up, everyone close to me knows all I ever wanted to do is dance!

    • Larry The Cable Guy: (when asked what Dan Whitney (Larry's real name) and Larry the Cable guy have in common) We both like graham crackers and frosting!

    • Larry The Cable Guy: (when asked if its easier to meet women now) Not really. If I was gonna use a good pickup line it would be the old reliable, "Hey, I know Carrot Top!"

    • Larry The Cable Guy: (referring to Lisa Lampanelli at Jeff Foxworthy's roast) We dated in the late '80s and I have a lot of shit on her! Okay, we never dated but I have a lot of shit on her. Okay, I have nothing on her. Who is she anyway? Lisa is my friend, I have no idea, I guess she wanted to give me a pass. I love Lisa, she's a riot. I know I don't want to get on her bad side!

    • Larry The Cable Guy: I really only ask for Beam and Coke in case we have some guests, but as far as I go I just want bottled water, a little Coors Light, and the video "Backdoor Stewardesses"! I'm just kiddin', I never asked for bottled water.

    • Larry The Cable Guy: (when asked whats the biggest change since his dvd came out) I got a new set of 38 Mickies for my truck. Other than that, nothin', but for God's sake, ain't 38 Mickies enough? I don't want to get too uppity!

    • Larry The Cable Guy: More people wanted to see me sit on a toilet than see her spread her legs. What's that have to say (He laughs some more). The only difference is my movie cost $3 million (to make) and her's cost $54 million.

    • Larry The Cable Guy: The first "Blue Collar (Comedy Tour)" came out ... I had a real big following from comedy clubs. I could sell out comedy clubs, but once Blue Collar hit, things started to pop. When I got the role, yeah, I was way less recognizable than I am now.

    • Larry the Cable Guy: (when asked how famous he was before filming "Cars") Oh shoot. I was real famous down at the 7-11 around the corner. (Laughs) It's been crazy. I never dreamed in a million years about this. I pinch myself all the time. Every year it's gotten better and better.

    • Larry The Cable Guy: (when asked if it was natural to play "Mater") Oh yeah. I think I was. When they thought of a tow truck they had me in mind, apparently. I got into the character, though. They told me I was going to play a tow truck, so I put on 1,700 pounds. I've actually lost some weight since we done that. Then I found out it was a cartoon, and I felt like an idiot.

  • You're Kidding, Right?

    This hack has to be stopped. Larry the Cable Hack is the least funny "comedian" I have ever seen in my entire life. He's a half-German, Connecticut born knob who wears a tool belt and puts on just about the worst redneck stereotype act anybody's ever done, and somehow people like this? What special breed of wrasslin' fan does it take to find Larry the Cable Mongoloid funny? All his jokes have been told a million times before and they weren't even funny then. Yes, girls and guys are different, Larry. Yes, pooping and farting are hilarious. Also, peeing. You are the best comedian ever! Har-de-har-har, Larry, you talentless hack! Larry the Cable Ingrate is proof that our society is going down the toilet.moreless
  • I like him because he is truthful he tells things as he sees it, and in a funny way.

    I think he is great all of his jokes. My nephew really likes Tow-Mater I also like his Hillar Clinton jokes, they are great. He is good because he normally doesn't do politcal jokes, just mostly Hillary Clinton jokes, and nobody needs a reason to do those. He was really funny on Blue Collar Comedy as well of course, and pretty much anytime I have seen him, he has made me laugh. I his kind of humor even though some call it low brow, I say what's wrong with that every now and then. It only matters that he is funny and he seems genuine, which you don't get from alot of comedians anymore that's what makes him really good in my opinon.moreless