Latham Gaines

Latham Gaines


2/3/1964, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A

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Latham Gaines


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Latham is is an American who has been based in New Zealand between 1995 and 2006. In 2007, he returned to the US and lives in New York. He is an artist and an actor who works in theatre and television in Auckland. He is the son of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2010, Latham was nominated for "Best Performance by an Actor in General Television" for his role on The Cult at the Qantas Film and Television Awards.

    • Lathan starred in the 1997 short film Blunted.

    • Latham has done over a dozen TV commercials, including those for the Toyota Rav 4, Air NZ, Panasonic, and Kit Kat.

    • Latham's theatre credits include:
      (2006) Doubt "Father Flynn" Auckland Theatre Company, Dir Colin McColl
      (2005) High Society "Dexter" Auckland Theatre Company, Dir Raymond Hawthorne
      (2003) The Graduate "Psychaitrist/Waiter/Wedding Guest" Auckland Theatre Company, Dir Simon Prast
      (1999) Cabaret "Cliff Bradshaw" Aukland Theatre Company, Dir Raymond Hawthorne
      (1998) 12 Angry Men "Juror 12" Auckland Theatre Company, Dir Simon Prast
      (1997) Julius Caesar "Decius" Auckland Theatre Company, Dir Raymond Hawthorne
      (1997) Love Off The Shelf "Hamilton" Bruce Mason Theatre, Dir David Coddington

    • Latham has some of his artwork on display at the Lascano Gallery in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

    • Latham has not given up acting to pursue a career in furniture design, but it has become much less important for him.

    • Latham makes an uncredited appearance in the Xena episode "The Bitter Suite". He is one of the singing warriors in the "War/Peace" number.

    • Strangely yet fittingly, Latham's "furniture art" has been displayed in Auckland's World Deluxe Store, which used to be a theatre.

    • Latham enjoys making "furniture art" because it exercises both his creative faculties and his problem solving abilities in the technical aspect of the work.

    • Latham attended Arnold Schwarzenegger's wedding at the Kennedy compound and grew up with Uma Thurman. He also knows Sally Field. But the one celebrity he doesn't like is Jack Nicholson, who he considers overrated as an actor.

    • Latham is an artist, using painting and photography as his medium. He also designs furniture, and considers his creations "furniture art".

    • Latham is in a band called Theodore High along with fellow actor Tom Hern. Their music is an eclectic mix of hip hop, blue grass, and comedy. Tom Hern jokingly tells how they got started making music together: "When Latham and I first met up, he was carrying a Ricky Skaggs record, and I was holding MC Hammer record, and we were all like, man we gotta do something together!"

    • The New Zealand film The World's Fastest Indian, in which Latham plays an important supporting role, is now the most successful local movie in New Zealand box office history, overhauling the critically acclaimed Once Were Warriors, taking in more than $6.7 million NZ in the process.

    • Latham is very athletic, and excels on the slopes as a teacher/professional snowboarder and skier, and enjoys water skiing, ice skating, rock climbing, martial arts, squash, swimming and tennis.

    • Latham is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

  • Quotes

    • Latham: (on his band Theodore High with Tom Hern) We both love our country, and our Hip-hop. Two skinny white boys having some fun.

    • Latham: I'm not a schooled painter, I'm not even a good painter and that's why I identify with folk art. I see folk artists as people whose instinct to paint is stronger than their inhibitions about painting. That's what I do- I make things from instinct.

    • Latham: I'm an artist. I've never made the distinction between different kinds of art. In the US I hadn't done any exhibitions but I was always making things. I'd make ceramic mirrors and sell them to tourists in Wyoming in the summer but I wasn't comfortable thinking I was an artist. Here, I found heaps of like-minded, creative people and I thought, yes, I am an artist.