Laura Aikman

Laura Aikman

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Laura Holly Aikman


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Laura Aikman left Habs girls school before her A levels, to take the offer of her own Saturday morning show at the BBC, called The Mysti Show. Laura was Mysti. This followed a star studded child actress career that included working as Anthony Hopkins daughter in Surviving Picasso…more


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  • Laura Aikman is an amazing and talented actress, and at the moment, I feel her talent is wasted.

    Laura first caught my attention in Mysti, and since then, I have been following her career closely. I think she is by far the best actress in The Mysti Show, and think that it is because of her a second series was created. Not only that, but she is a stunningly beautiful girl. However, she seems to only be in low budget films and shows, where her acting ability is limited, and she cannot show her full potential. I can't wait until some mainstream program, like Eastenders or similar, sees how amazing she is, because then everyone will be able to see how brilliant she is.moreless