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  • Good actress.

    Love her.
  • Laura Allen on The 4400

    Laura Allen is new to me. I haven't seen much of her work but I have seen "The 4400" and I think she did a fantastic job playing Lily. One thing that I loved about Lily's character was her maternal instinct that she had. Me being a new mom can personally relate to everything that she was going though as far as communicating with an unborn child. Now my personal experience was not to the extreme as Lily's was but I do think that every mom is able to communicate to their unborn baby in some kind of way. The way she protected her baby (Isabelle) was just awesome. I felt I related to Lily's character with the whole maternal instinct thing.
  • Lovely, talented, extremely gifted, gorgeous actress, "All My Children", "The 4400", "Dirt", Julia Mallory, friend.

    I've been following lovely, talented actress Laura Allen's career since she began her role on the ABC soap "All My Children" in 2000. Laura is wonderful in everything she does. From the scared, yet strong returnee Lily in "The 4400", to the drug addicted young actress Julia Mallory in "Dirt", Laura nails her scenes everytime. Laura is a very gorgeous young woman, and an extremely gifted young actress. I am honored to be the webmistress of Laura's official website, and to be considered her friend. Laura even took me to visit the set of "Dirt" this past January 2007.