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Laura Ashton

Laura Ashton

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  • I am surprised that she has not been in anything else since 1986.

    I just finished watching the episode of \"The Equalizer\" in-which she appeared. I was so taken with her that I immediately came to the computer to look her up and to see in what else she may have appeared. To my surprise, I had discovered that she has not appeared in anything since she co-starred in the movie \"America\", which was released in 1986. I found this disappointing since, I not only found her very beautiful, with an intoxicating accent (or at least her character had one), but also a very talented actor who, in my opinion, could hold her own along side anybody else with whom she could have found herself cast. I have been unable to find any biographical information on her, so I do not know if anything has happened to her. But, if she is still around, I hope to find her in another production some day.moreless