Laura Bailey





5/28/1981 , Mississippi

Birth Name

Laura Bailey




Laura Bailey was just a local theater student in a Texas college when she auditioned for some voice acting roles at Funimation, landing her first role as Kid Trunks in the popular Dragonball Z series. Since then she has become one of the top female voice actors in the country. Her most popular roles include the sweet and optimistic Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket, the sci-fi girl Marlene in Blue Gender, the sultry homunculi Lust in Full Metal Alchemist, the wildly hyper tween actress Sana Kurata in Kodocha, and the Bart Simpson-like wisecracking five year old Shin-Chan in Shin-Chan.

Laura has not only voiced a diverse set of characters, but also done voice directing in the series Gunslinger Girl and Kodocha (of which she also plays the lead characters), as well as several episodes of Case Closed. She has also served as the Line Producer for the Funimation adaptation of Shin-Chan. Outside of cartoons and anime, Laura has acted on-screen on various film productions as Four Sheets to the Wind, Mr. Brooks, The Ruffian, and the Lifetime TV movie The Staircase Murders. In the video game world, Laura voices title characters Rayne in BloodRayne and Alex D in Deus Ex: the Invisible War.

Laura resides in Southern California as she continues to further her on-screen acting career, but has continued to be involved in voice acting in LA, playing Anko and Toki in Naruto, and Mashiro and Halibel in Bleach. Laura makes regular visits to the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, and attends several anime conventions every year to meet her adoring fans.