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  • Fantastic Voice Actress

    So talented and able to change her voice so well! We'll hear her in one show with a sweet high voice and then as Lust in FMA with a deep, frightening voice that sends shivers down even the bravest man's spine! Only the best can pull that off! I can change voices but I could never run through an entire character part with certain voices. Well done Laura!
  • laura bailey is one of the if the best of female voice actress i have ever heard

    in my opinion her best roles are rise kujakawa in persona 4
    claire in magna carta 2
    halibel and all other characters in bleach gemini sunrise in sakura wars reimji and welch vineyard in star ocean the last hope and im sure there is alot more
    and the game that made me fall in love with the voice and the characters she portrays marta lauldi in tales of symphonia dawn of a new world what is it with this review why does it have to be 100 words minium
    i got what i wanted to say across that extra line is because i did not know whatelese to write
  • Laura Baily has played 24 anime awards.

    Laura is such a talented person. She is able to change her voice very well. it took me a while to know that she was sana in Kodocha. she can go from acting all inocient to completly wild. And for those who havn't noticed she also play's Shi Chan from Shi chan. So far in her carreer she has played at least 24 anime people. She is also a actress. you may have seen her in Roberta - Walker, Texas Ranger. Okay so thats kind of old. and even though playing these roles are hard she keeps on going no matter what.
  • Laura Bailey is a voice actor for FUNimation Productions.

    Laura Bailey is a voice actor with many characterisation talents. She voices Kid Trunks on Dragon Ball Z. She also played Chi-Chi in Dragon Ball. She even voiced Lust, the Homuculi that has the ability to strecth her finger nails. Shes done all this and she's just a freshman out of high-school! [she graduated in 1999]
  • You go girl! (updated 8-15-06)

    Laura's one of the few actors I've actually seen in person, thanks to a recent visit to the Anime Expo. I missed the FMA premiere to see her, and in retrospect, it was worth it. She has a nice charm and rapport with her fans.

    I first heard Laura in Fruits Basket, well, actually before that in Dragonball Z and GT but didn’t pay much attention until she charmed me in Fruits Basket as an innocent teenager girl Tohru Honda, speaking nervously trying to calm down the crazy Sohma family.

    Then I was pleasantly surprised when I found out she voiced Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist, and was amazed at the depth she provided that character. A lot of voice actors can’t break their typical typecast sound, but she did.

    Then she surprised me once again by playing the hyper girl Sana Kurata in the Kodocha series. In there she speaks at 100mph and raps crazy songs and speeches; this is a can't miss.

    Probably her closest to normal voice would be Ryoko in the mystery anime Spiral, or when she gives some commentaries.

    Laura's got lots of potential, and with many future roles in Funimation, should have a good career there. If you can, see and say hello to her before she becomes too popular ;).
  • Laura Bailey is one of the best voice actresses I have ever heard! she does a great job, and her voices sound so differn't I was watching Fruits Basket the other day and then I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist, and I was like whoa! her voice changed!

    She does a great job playing Thoru in Fruits Basket, so innocent and pure! and I love her role as Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist, so clever and cold! I loved it! she did a great job on those characters! I didn't even reconize her voice when my friend told me that Laura Bailey who plays Thoru was playing Lust in Fullmetal I was just so surprised, it didn't even sound the! so yes! Laura Bailey! does a great job!
  • Laura Bailey has to be one of the best voice Actors on the Funimation crew. Almost never playing the innocent characters, she is one great voice actress.

    Laura has done a lot of big roles for Funimation and even in videogames (like Blood Rayne and Blood Rayne 2) and always does a great job. The first time I heard her voice was on Case Closed as Serena Sebastian, a snobbish girl, and she did a wonderful job. The second go around on my stalk of her was Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket. I loved how she voiced the character and that made her my idol, right then and there. It was her first time doing an innocent character's voice, and for the first shot, she got it right on! Her voice as Lust on Fullmetal Alchemist was just the best and she was really in her element, playing the bad girl. Go Laura! I highly recommend hearing her voice talents on any anime!
  • Exceptional voice actor

    Laura bailey is most famous for voicing Tohru Honda (from Fruits Basket), and she does a superb job at it. She can change the mood of the character easily. Laura Bailey does Tohru extremely well. Tohru's voice fits, and sounds natural; not like some english peron tryong to do japanese animation.
    What surpised me was when I figured out that Laura also voices Lust, from Full Metal Alchemist. Lust and Tohru are such opposite characters, one evil, one kind. When watching the Full metal Alchemist dub, I have always enjoyed Lust's voice as well. Her skill in such a variety of characters, shows how talented she is.