Laura Bennett (II)

Laura Bennett (II)


8/2/1963, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Birth Name

Laura Bennett Shelton


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Laura Bennett, mother of five, has no formal fashion training--but she won't let that stop her from becoming the winner of Project Runway's third season! She believes that her lifelong love of clothes and her experience creating her own wardrobe has given her the necessary tools to excel.…more


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  • so classy and stylish.. absolutely stunning !

    Season 3 of Project Runway is just airing in the Netherlands and Laura Bennett is a contestant.. I have loved her work from that first beautiful coat she made.. so classy and stylish..absolutely stunning ! I like her personality as well, she doesn't take sh*t from no one not even those two arrogant pricks Jeffrey and Keith. Her clothes are gorgeous and enhance the beauty in a woman. I think she certainly deserves a place in the fashion world.

    I think Laura, a mom of 5, is a role model for many working moms out there. How does she do it! Châpeau Laura !moreless
  • should have been gone long before her departure

    What a b!@#h!! All she did the entire show was moan and complain and groan about other people, while always trying to make her work seem like the mose beautifully hand crafted piece of all time, and it wasn't. She did the same design over and over and over again, and she was the most unpleasant person I've ever seen on television. Every person on the show with her she complained about. Their work, their hair, their talent, blah blah blah. She's boring and seems to be depressed. True she was pregnant, and I know hormones go bouncing everywhere when you are pregnant, but come on. I'm glad she didn't win.moreless