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  • Truly Wonderful little lady

    Laura Bertram is a very sweet intelligent talented young lady, I hope she manages to find a place in another series as enjoyable to watch as Andromeda was, I had the honor and privilege to chat with her a short while a few years back at V-Con in Vancouver, BC.

    hope shes gets that S.A.G. card she was hoping for too.
  • This is not only a review but a way of saying \\\"thanks\\\" to a person that, through her acting inspired and helped me in ways she probably could not imagine. I strongly believe that the part she played in Andromeda was, for most of the watchers a sourc

    I know Laura from watching the Andromeda series. I am one of the persons that understand that, in some ways, the truth about our \\\"reality\\\" is best expressed through sci fi. The character that Laura plays is, in my oppinion, one of the most difficult characters to play because it gets very close to the true human nature - a timeless cosmic mystery. I am using this chance (even though she might never see this) to congratulate her on her perfect acting. I base my apreciation on the fact that her character is the one that communicated with me the most, and mostly in subtle ways - a quality that in my oppinion defines a great actor(actress). I believe that Laura interpreted through Trance the role of the future human, a state of evolution we all will attend someday and that deep inside she and most of the show\\\'s fans know that. As she is the result of some of the most important philosophical/esoteric truths, Trance reaches out to the deep parts of our soul, those that are linked with our true nature. Watching the show and her character has really helped me understand myself more, and i cannot see a better purpose for a movie than that - it takes great actors to achieve this. I am very very happy to see that in a world driven and manipulated by low instincts fear and darkness, there are still things that give us hope by showing that we are if fact not so limited and weak and that the true fight is the one with our inner-selves. I want to thank Laura again for participating with such grace in this, and hope that she continues to follow her heart as I am sure she has done up to now. Good work, Laura and thanks again!
  • Simply Amazing

    Laura is such an amazing talent. She's obviously patient as well, as I imagine all that time in make-up would be tiresome. I loved the way she rode along her plot line, starting the Andromeda series as relatively naive, then moving towards an almost omniscient "seer" like entity. I think she did a fantastic job as an actress outlining that upward slope. She's obviously got great comedic timing, and still is able to be stoic as well as protective. At times she could even play tough and hard. She has an amazing range of the emotional aspects of acting. Laura truly is a diamond in the rough, a fantastic find for the acting world. I look forward to seeing what she takes on next!!!