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    • Laura: The change to the Trance character was devised by the production team in hopes of ameliorating the character. Yes, I do believe that sex appeal was one motivating factor, and that the purple was not doing much in that department, but it was not the only factor. One important thing was that they wanted to visually demonstrate that Trance was a powerful creature. There is something to be said for a disguised power, which was found in the earlier, cuter Trance, but, for various reasons, it was felt that her influence and potential should be outwardly demonstrated - hence the change. Do I like it? I do now. I can well imagine that the viewers seeing it for the first time will be outraged, but, really, it is a whole change, and to be fair, one has to see the character and her evolution in the show to give an opinion. I was reluctant at first, only because I had grown to know and love the purple Trance character. But now that I have played the new Trance for a few months, I have grown to like her as well. I work with gifted make-up artists and and hair designers, and with the collaborative effort between them and the guidance of the producers, we came up with the new Trance. There are a lot of people involved in the decision-making process, and it took us many hours of tests and conceptual meetings to come up with the new look. So please, be aware of the work that went into the change before calling it a vomitous mess. People's feelings are equally involved.