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    • Laura: With the purple Trance character, it wasn't all that hard once I knew where the scripts were going. I just acted like a child in many ways... trying to find the funnest way to do things. It became a challenge to me to find what was the funnest (which sometimes became the funniest) way to do things in a scene. I usually fed off of the energy of the other actors... and when I did scenes with an antithetical character to Trance, like Tyr, I just found that the best way to get into it was to see what I could do to break his serious front and make him laugh. It worked sometimes. The new Trance is a little more tough, and she doesn't waver like little purple Trance, so what I do with her is more psychological. I stand still more (to give the impression of certainty and stability), I look at people square in the eyes when I am talking to them. I have also attempted to lower the register of my voice - that was not so easy to keep up.