Laura Breckenridge

Laura Breckenridge


8/22/1983, Flourtown, Pennsylvania

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Laura Breckenridge



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Laura Breckenridge
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Laura Breckenridge was born on August 22, 1983 in Flourtown, Pennyslvania. Laura got her start acting on stage and since has done some screen acting. She is most recognized as Rose Sorelli from the WB TV series, Related.


Trivia and Quotes

  • not extremely beautiful but cute ;)

    she has a pretty face and she's in good shape and her eyes are the best parts of her..I first thought her character (Rachel) and Dan together in Gossip Girl and finally it happened...Thanks to writers

    She seemed really vulnerable in the scene where she cried in the cafe with Dan and i thought she looked like a teenager rather than an adult but but final scene of the last episode shows Laura is more than a cute girl she is also an attractive woman...

    I hope her cast in Gossip Girl doesn't end soon and we will have much more chance to see her pretty face on TVmoreless
  • If Jun Kazama talked in complete sentences, THIS is what it would sound like. Enter Laura Breckenridge.

    This episodic review is NOT related to the Mariska challenges, but somehow I'll be able to compare her to Mariska.

    The first time I heard of Laura was when I was leaving the barber shop and went to the drug store to buy a magazine about hairstyles. Little did I know they were featuring her and I thought to myself (I was thinking of Jun Kazama at the time, which also explains all the reviews I've done on this site), "Maybe I'll create a character..." which I did. In R.A.C.E.R. 41: The New Challengers (the sequel I'm creating in my R.A.C.E.R. 41 series), I have a character with a striking resemblance to Laura, but with Jun Kazama-like elements (headband, black pants, etc.)...mixed with pop-punk fashion elements as well. Her name's Rebecca Sheldon, and she's down-to-earth, and has Jun Kazama-like traits (loving forests, lakes, etc). Rebecca's race number is 49.

    Enough of that, I'm going to the looks section. I didn't find anything terrible about Laura. Brown eyes and brown hair is what the character in Tekken 2 of Jun Kazama has as well, but Laura is 5'2" and Jun is 5'7" and her eyes are almond brown. Laura's is American brown. Who would turn down such an adorable face like Laura's? I mean, this is one of the definitions of young Hollywood of today.

    (BTW: The magazine I bought was Teen Hairstyles, a subsidiary of Short Hair Magazine.)