Laura Cerón





9/28/1964 , Mexico City, Mexico

Birth Name




Born in Mexico City, Laura Cerón moved to Elgin, Illinois, a small city about 45 minutes northwest of Chicago, at the age of 10. She is the third oldest of two brothers and three sisters. In junior high school she became involved with theater, mostly behind the scenes, but soon discovered her passion for acting. She joined the Latino Chicago Theater Company after high school and went on to become one of their top actresses. She performed in dozens of plays, including Each Day Dies With Sleep, Heroes and Saints, and Federico García Lorca's Once Five Years Pass. Laura's first film appearance was in the 1992 movie The Public Eye, starring Joe Pesci. This was followed by a small part in the 1995 movie Losing Isaiah. After playing the recurring role of Anita Marrón on the short-lived 1994 ABC drama Missing Persons, Laura joined the supporting cast of the NBC drama ER in 1995, near the end of its first season. She continued to appear on the show through its entire run of fifteen seasons. In the last decade she also guest starred on CBS's Touched by an Angel and Judging Amy, as well as Lifetime's Strong Medicine; and has made an occasional appearance on the big screen.