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  • Trivia

    • Laura has a phobia of feet.

    • On July 28, 2007, Laura appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court in Queensland, where she was fined $600 after pleading guilty to several charges, including assaulting police.

    • Laura was not allowed to take part in the finale of Big Brother, after being charged with assaulting a police officer a few days earlier.

    • On Laura's first night in the Big Brother house, she jokingly threatened to stab fellow housemate Travis Perkins in the face with a fork. She was quickly called into the Diary Room by Big Brother and told threats of violence would not be tolerated.

    • Laura ate a witchetty grub during one night of the games on Friday Night Live.

    • As at July 2007, Laura resides in Tasmania, Australia.

    • Laura was the youngest contestant in the seventh season of Big Brother in Australia. She was the tenth housemate to be evicted. The public voted for her eviction, with Laura receiving 43% of the merged vote.

    • Due to the dire water situation in Australia, Laura composed a song while in the Big Brother house to ensure her shower time was limited to 30 seconds.

    • In 2007, Laura appeared in a commercial for Macleans toothpaste.

    • Throughout her time in the Big Brother house, Laura was vocal in her concern to preserve water, as Australia was on water restrictions. She often lectured fellow house-mates when they wasted water during routine chores such as washing the dishes and showering etc.

    • Laura was an 'intruder' in the seventh series of Big Brother. She entered the house on Day 31, along with Daniela Da Silva Pola.

    • Laura revealed she never watched Big Brother and didn't know there was such a thing as intruders - before entering the house as an intruder herself.

    • Laura is a greenie, concerned and campaigning for many different environmental issues.

    • As at May 2007, Laura resides in Tasmania, Australia.

    • Laura claims Al Gore as her hero.

  • Quotes

    • Laura: (asked why she revealed to her "Big Brother" housemates that she once lived in a women's shelter) It wasn't about trust, it was about being real. I've had highs in my life and I've had lows. A lot of the people went into the house pretending that they've never had bad things happen to them.

    • Laura: (on her plans after "Big Brother") I'm going to do some writing. I write songs and poems, and I'm going to go down to Tassie to visit family and then I don't know. I'm the type of person who values happiness above money.

    • Laura: (asked who she thinks was playing the game in "Big Brother") Andrew (Temmet). He's very strategic.

    • Laura: (asked which animal best represents her) A monkey, because I'm cheeky.

    • Laura: (asked to describe herself in three words) Down to earth.

    • Laura: (on the low point of her "Big Brother" experience) When the group ganged up on me. I felt like an outsider.

    • Laura: (on the high point of her "Big Brother" experience) Friday Night Games.