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A presenter on Network Seven's The Great Outdoors, Laura Csortan is known for her easygoing and natural style. Born and raised in Adelaide, Laura displayed a genuine love of 'the great outdoors' from an early age. One could safely estimate she has spent more of her life outdoors…more


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  • see below...

    After migrating to Australia, I had in my mind what the typical aussie woman would look like; but after traveling the country I found out that Laura would be anything else but typical. (don\'t mean to be corny, sorry) One can only know or stipulate so much from the media about another. But after reading and seeing Laura on tv, I\'d also have to agree with what others say and more.

    After scanning through April\'s Zoo magazine; I stumbled upon the 25 hottest single girls and low and behold...

    It seems that I too share quite common interests. I also have traveled the planet to far and distant places, untraveled by the typical traveler. Can\'t get enough of the great outdoors: scuba dive instructor, mountain biker, backpacking/camping, snowboarding to name a few.

    Reading Zoo magazine and seeing how many beatiful single women exist; I thought it\'s a sham that what appears to be great women in the world, are those that are unobtainable by common people, unless into those social clicks.

    So I suppose this would be not a message to all women alike, but a chance message to one. Afterall, to message all would take up many life-times, so it would seem.

    I wouldn\'t say I\'ll be waiting but open I would be...