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Laura Danly received a B.A. in Physics from Yale University, and earned a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has held academic posts at both the University of Denver and Pomona College. She was the first Curator of Space Sciences at the Denver Museum of…more


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  • One prime example of Earth's beautiful sights.

    I have watched Dr. Laura Danly many times on the History Channel's "The Universe". She is a definite exception to everything we have ever heard of "Blondes". Not only is she a beautiful woman but she is one of the most intelligent as well. Her appearances on this program demonstrate her background, education, and mastery of her field. The Griffith Observatory is, indeed, very fortunate to have her as its curator. I can only hope that she would make it back east some day as I would love to meet her and discuss some of the topics she treats on "The Universe". Astronomy and astrophysics is an area of great interest for me; unfortunately, I was never able to make it past calculus.moreless