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Laura Foy

Laura Foy


3/16/1976, Oakdale, New York

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Laura Foy is best known as the bleached blonde Co-Host on G4tv.com, G4's weekly interactive video game talk-show. As a young girl, Laura played video games with her guy friends on a regular basis. With this love of video games and technology, she decided to began a career…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Attended New York University for Art and Communications.

    • Laura begin her work in the video game industry by producing video game television at allgames.com.

    • Television Appearances for shows not listed at TV.com
      Race to G-Phoria - Herself
      Crashing G-Phoria - Herself

    • Laura and her former G4tv.com Co-star Tina Wood have joined again, this time on the internet. Both are members of "The 10 Team" on webcast site 10 (www.on10.net). 10 is a daily look on how people are living with and improving on technology. At the end of the week, the episodes are compiled into one complete episode with added content.

    • Laura and her friend and former Co-host on G4tv.com Tina Wood were featured as video game consultants in the Dec/Jan 2006 issue of Cargo magazine for it's Culture's section article called "Downtime", which listed the most underated video games DVDs, books and CDs of 2005. Video Games featured were God of War, Lego Star Wars, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, We (heart) Katamari and Battlefield 2. It is interesting to note that the issue must have made it to print before the show was cancelled in that the article states that they are the hosts of G4tv.com.

    • Laura's favorite game company is EA.

    • Many people say she looks like signer P!nk.

    • Laura once co-hosted a show called Judge Cals High Weirdness.

    • Laura says that she has been playing video games since she was a kid.

    • Foy is known for dismissing the real-time strategy and puzzle genres in favor of first person shooters.

    • Laura's favorite NFL team is the New York Jets.

    • Laura lists her top 5 video games of all time as Abe's Oddysee, Half Life 2, Bonk's Adventure, Sly Cooper, and KingPin.

    • Foy has stated states that her top five movies are The North Shore, GoodFellas, Monster, Six Degrees of Separation, and Pieces of April.

    • Laura was once a contestant on the U.S. version of the game show The Weakest Link. The episode originally aired on November 18, 2003.

    • While at the G4 network, Laura wrote a bi-weekly online column called "Dancing With Myself".

    • Laura has six tattoos: one on her Wrist, one on the back of neck, two on arm, one on her bikini line and one on her lower back. Most of the tattoos were of her own design.

  • Quotes

    • Laura: We are constantly questioned by hard-core, male gamers. They find it hard to believe we're both girls and gamers.

    • Laura: I think gamers are skeptical of taking information from anyone until that person proves himself or herself. I've actually had a tougher time with some of our female viewers than the males…but nothing I can't handle.

    • Laura: Gaming is a hard industry to break into if you are not a programmer.

    • Laura: Good times.

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  • Laura was one of my multimedia students, bright and very memorable. Laura email me at anthony.pennings@nyu.edu when you get a chance.

    Laura was one of my multimedia students, bright and very memorable. Remember Communicating on the Internet, Multimedia Production. Playing Quake in the Lowell Thomas Lab?

    Laura, email me at anthony.pennings@nyu.edu when you get a chance. I want to talk to you about our new digital game production concentration and pick your brains a bit on our digital game programming classes, texture and level design as well as our interface with the Computer animation degree. Too bad about G4 cutting back on it's tech and gaming shows. Unfortunately I have had to cut back on viewing their programming accordingly. All the best in your career.moreless