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Laura Fraser

Laura Fraser


7/24/1976, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Birth Name

Laura Fraser


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Laura grew-up in Glasgow, with her mother, father and siblings. She first became interested in acting as a child, when her father wrote a play and cast her as the main lead. Following success in school plays, Laura decided to study drama at college but received so many…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Laura has acted and narrated two radio programmes on BBC Radio 4: The Madeleine Effect and The Voyage Out.

    • Laura once appeared with her co-star from Talk to Me, Max Beesley, in a music video for Suede, a British rock band.

    • Since growing-up in Scotland, Laura has spent a lot of time living in New York, some time living in Ireland and has now moved to London.

    • Laura appeared in Nina's Heavenly Delights in 2006.

    • Laura was credited merely as the 'Bedroom Beauty' for her role in The Man in the Iron Mask opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

    • In the film A Knight's Tale, Laura played a blacksmith and had to work with horses. However, she admits to having a phobia of horses, and being terrified half the time, although she did have a body double for the more practical scenes.

    • For her part in The Man in the Iron Mask, Laura merely had to fly to France, take off her clothes, get into bed with Leonardo DiCaprio and act a sex scene before returning home the very same day. However, she admits that having a sex scene with DiCaprio on her resume probably helped her gain future jobs.

    • As a teenager Laura was a regular user of cocaine and other drugs. After the death of a friend she managed to give-up though, and has never looked back since.

    • Laura enrolled at the Royal Scottish Academy for Music and Drama but dropped-out after just one year.

    • Laura has got into trouble in the past for her too frank discussions about films she has appeared in. After criticising films, she was threatened with legal action by one company.

    • On moving to London after drama school, Laura shared a flat with famous actress Anna Friel.

    • Laura received a nomination for 'Best Actress in a Scottish Film' at the Scottish BAFTAs in 2006 for her role in The Flying Scotsman.

    • Laura married her co-star from Coney Island Baby, Karl Geary, in 2005. He already had a daughter and in 2006 Laura gave birth to a baby girl. The couple live in Glasgow.

  • Quotes

    • Laura: Separating myself from any role has always been hard for me. I get far too involved so easily, or at least I used to - these days I'm finding it easier to get back to reality at the end of the day. No doubt the cocaine didn't help.

    • Laura: (On Hollywood) It's quite a sick place. I find you have to leave after a while. It's so empty, like a desert or a ghost town. Everyone drives everywhere. It has no heart.

    • Laura: (On her past drug-use) I was ruining my life because that's what drugs do to people. It was an immensely destructive period for me and understandably had a bad effect on my career - someone who isn't nice and isn't reliable is not good to have on set or anywhere else, to be honest. I was young and silly and I let the pressures of the world I live in get to me in a way that they shouldn't ever have.

    • Laura: Right now it is trendy to be Scottish. But you just worry when the bubble might burst. That's why we need talented Scots who can make it anywhere in the world.

    • Laura: (On her past drug habit) I was going mad. Just started going insane. Completely paranoid. Not knowing what was going on. Not able to concentrate, not able to communicate. I felt so alienated from existence and just didn't know what was happening.

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