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Laura Hall grew up in Chicago. She was never really interested in doing improvisation or theatre work. She just wanted to be a musician. She played in bands, wrote songs, and played in piano bars. When she stumbled on a waitress job at the Second City in Chicago she was immersed in the world of improv (Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie have also performed with the Second City).

During her breaks she would fool around on the piano. This was considered her audition because our of nowhere the Second City asked her to join up as part of the touring company. She learned a lot working with them and commented in an interview that she was "lucky enough to get paid to learn how to do improv." She started out as an improvisational pianist and composer and rose up the ladder to the position of Musical Director of the touring company. Since then she's played with almost every improvisational group in New York and Los Angleles including The Improv Institute, Metraform's Annoyance Theater, ImprovOlympic, ComedySportz, TheatreSports, and The Groundlings.

Since then she has composed many original scores for musicals including "Up with Puberty", "The Last Freak Show", and "Patty, Patty, Bang!, Bang!". She's written scores for several independent films, television pilots, theatrical plays, and radio shows.She has also produced two albums for children: "I See a Tiger" and "Come Join the Parade". She also produced Dan Castellaneta's (voice of Homer Simpson) recent album, "Two Lips". She can be seen playing and singing in and around Los Angeles with her band the Trinkets.

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