Laura Harring





3/3/1964 , Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico

Birth Name

Laura Elena Herring




Lived the first ten years of her life in Mexico, before her family relocated to San Antonio, Texas. At age 16 she convinced her family to let her study in Switzerland. Upon graduating she travelled though Asia before settling down in El Paso, Texas. It was there that she decided to enter the world of beauty pageants, which lead to her winning the Miss USA crown, becoming the first Latina to hold the title. Laura has spent time working as a social worker in India, and exploring Europe. It was in Europe that she was exposed to the world of nobility when she met and married Count Carl von Bismarck, earning the title of Countess. A title which she still holds. Although the marriage did not last, she and Carl remain friends, and Laura's popularity in Europe continues. Laura currently resides in Los Angeles, and the little free time she has is spent practicing the Tango and relaxing with yoga.

Miss USA 1985

She became the first Latina to win the Miss USA title, and at only 21 years of age.

Prior to entering show business, Laura thought about becoming a gemologist.

Grandfather Isauro Cairo, Mexican champion in Equestrian and Fencing 1954.

Professional Tango dancer

Social Worker in India at 18 years old

She wore a $25,000,000 dollar necklace and $1,000,000 dollar heels to the 2002 Oscars (Academy Awards)and was surrounded by 4 bodyguards [2002]

Was shot in the head at the age of twelve while riding in her parents car in a parking lot when the two cars behind them got into a gunfight. The bullet missed hitting her brain by one millimeter.