Laura Harris

Laura Harris


11/20/1976, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Laura Elizabeth Harris



Also Known As

Elizabeth Harris
  • Laura Haris on Defying Gravity.
  • Laura Harris on Defying Gravity.
  • Laura Harris stars in the new series 'De...
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Laura Harris was born on November 20, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is the daughter of two teachers who raised her in the country. Laura attended Crofton House School for Girls, an all girls Anglican school as a child and attended college through UC correspondence. Laura has…more


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    • Laura Harris: (about her favorite scenes to shoot) Any time I get to kiss people...

    • Laura Harris: (about her character Daisy Adair) I would say that more than anything else, she's just tragic. Like that deep need to be a movie star, and to barely be an extra. That kind of deeply tragic disconnect, like for value, like self-worth, and like wanting to feel that admiration.

    • Laura: I'm a neurotic ironer. Everything needs to be ironed, it's one of my flaws.

    • Laura: I'll be working out in a gym somewhere and all the major stations will be on and some terrible television movie will come on at 8 pm and I'll be, like, the best friend of the girl that has an eating disorder. It's so embarrassing.

    • Laura: I think I'm pretty oblivious. I have lived and worked in obscurity, and happily.

  • You know, the cast of WMC are very good Well, Laura Harris character is very opposite of her in her real life an example is that Harris wants 6 children but her character is some what scared of children.even the thought of children/ commitment.moreless

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  • A charasnatic actress who dosen't get enough credit.

    Laura Harris was born on Novemeber 20th 1976 in Vancouver, Canada is best known for her portrayal of grim reaper Daisy Adair in the cable series "Dead Like Me" and as Marie Warner in the spy drama 24. She is a stunning blonde who is underused.

    Her first role was Loni in an adaptation of Stephen King's novel "It".

    Laura has her own production company with a friend, Rocket Chicken International Pictures, which has produced the film Come Together in which Laura played a leading role.

    Laura can speak both French and Spanish.

    She's sometimes credited as Elizabeth Harris and Laura E. Harris.