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    • Laura Harris: (about her favorite scenes to shoot) Any time I get to kiss people...

    • Laura Harris: (about her character Daisy Adair) I would say that more than anything else, she's just tragic. Like that deep need to be a movie star, and to barely be an extra. That kind of deeply tragic disconnect, like for value, like self-worth, and like wanting to feel that admiration.

    • Laura: I'm a neurotic ironer. Everything needs to be ironed, it's one of my flaws.

    • Laura: I'll be working out in a gym somewhere and all the major stations will be on and some terrible television movie will come on at 8 pm and I'll be, like, the best friend of the girl that has an eating disorder. It's so embarrassing.

    • Laura: I think I'm pretty oblivious. I have lived and worked in obscurity, and happily.