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  • I think she is underused as a actor and should be given more air time.

    I would really like to see Laura Innes used more in ER. I think she is underused as a actor in the show.
    I think she plays the part of Kerry Weaver very well and I would like to see more interaction between her and other characters in the show.

  • I don't care if she prefers directing, give her some more screen-time or I'll hit someone with a crutch!

    Laura Innes plays the part of ER's Kerry Weaver with dignity, variety and great acting. The audience never know what they're going to get; one week, angry aggressive Kerry, the next, a compassionate woman full of love. The week after, a vulnerable doctor.
    Into the character, Innes brings so much passion and skill, that despite her not-so-lovely actions, I rate her as my absolute favourite ER character.
    Innes has portrayed beautifully the struggle of coming out of the closet, being a positive example of strength for a lot of people, I am sure.
    Her three-minute performance in every other ER episode always leaves me aching for more. She has great chemistry and on-screen relationships with the rest of the cast, and never lets herself be stereotyped.
    So, please oh great and wise powers-that-be, bring this actress back to acting, and give us some more Kerry Weaver!
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    Laura Innes was incredible on her 12 year run on ER. It was sad to see her go, especially considering the past few years/seasons, she hasn't had much air time. But I look back at the early "Kerry" seasons, and it made me realise just how great of an actress Laura really is! She will and already has been missed on the show!
  • With her talent it is a shame that they give more storys to the other characters. She plays her character so well and is able to give you just enough of different emotions and feeling that you want more. She is the best of all the characters! No doubt.

    On the show she is so commanding, but then every now and then you learn about her more. In the begginning she was commanding and in control, but as the show progresses we learn her weaknesses and that she is just like the rest of us. She is able to show just a little emotion of sadness and it is enough from her to touch you. In the episodes after she got with sandy there are not many with her where she on screen more than five minutes. It makes you miss the first shows where she worked down in the ER. The newest ones at the end of season 12 and am guessing season 13 she will be used more. Well at least I hope.
  • love her

    she went from a charecter every one loved to hate, to a beloved charecter without changing her personality much, that takes great acting, I really enjoy her as Kerry weaver on Er ,and have enjoyed her other acting appearences as well.. she is great, and should be used more on the show