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  • I don't care if she prefers directing, give her some more screen-time or I'll hit someone with a crutch!

    Laura Innes plays the part of ER's Kerry Weaver with dignity, variety and great acting. The audience never know what they're going to get; one week, angry aggressive Kerry, the next, a compassionate woman full of love. The week after, a vulnerable doctor.
    Into the character, Innes brings so much passion and skill, that despite her not-so-lovely actions, I rate her as my absolute favourite ER character.
    Innes has portrayed beautifully the struggle of coming out of the closet, being a positive example of strength for a lot of people, I am sure.
    Her three-minute performance in every other ER episode always leaves me aching for more. She has great chemistry and on-screen relationships with the rest of the cast, and never lets herself be stereotyped.
    So, please oh great and wise powers-that-be, bring this actress back to acting, and give us some more Kerry Weaver!