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    • Laura: (On what kind of jobs she's taken just to pay the rent) Wow, I've had so many bad jobs. I was a temp for a long time in New York, and there was one excruciatingly hot summer -- it was, like, 106 degrees, and I was at the Javits Center (at) a Shriners' convention. We had to stand outside in these red wool jackets and hand out flyers. I couldn't take it; I kept going to the bathroom. And this one guy said something to me, so then I said it was because I was pregnant. Then he was really nice to me and let me go home early. (Laughs) There haven't been too many bad show business jobs ... Oh yeah, you know what? There was. I did this thing on Comedy Central called Canned Ham. I had to interview Drew Barrymore about The Wedding Singer, and that was kind of a low point. There was also this other thing called Comics to the Rescue -- it was kind of an ill-conceived show where comics would help people with their problems -- like comics could give a s--- about anybody's problems except their own. We would find, like, a woman whose boyfriend just left her, and we'd try to think of how we would help. That was a low point.