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  • Laura Linney: A wonderful actress.

    I love this blonde actress. She is believable, easy on the eyes, can play just about everything. My friend refers to her as 'Meryl Streep of the new generation' and there's certainly something about that. She stars on one of my favorite TV shows called 'The Big C' as Cathy Jamison - woman who was diagnosed with IV. stage melanoma. And Laura totally nails the part. This classy lady deserves every damn award there is.
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    She is a good actress, I have seen her in a some movies like in Kinsey or in the Exorcism of Emily Rose or Breach and she was very good on them. Sadly, she is not very well recognized or known, but I still think that she is very cool and that she is a good actress. I really support her works, she is great.