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Laura Marano


Laura Marano Fan Reviews (5)

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37 votes
  • Talentless and ugly

    How did she get famous? Oh, I know. Because she's Vanessa Marano's sister. Laura is a talentless, hideous girl who abuses the fuck out of autotune and is literally the WORST actress to ever walk the planet. Overrated and doesn't deserve half the fame she gets.
  • unbelieveable

    this girl ally dawson (laura marano) can really act and sing it is just so amazing and i am very happy for her that she is an actress
  • Really bad actress.

    I know she is just a kid but wow she can't act.
  • This girl is a good actress and singer.


    This girl is an awesome actress and singer. OK the first time when i saw her it was on Austin and Ally and she is beatuiful and talented. Her show looks pretty good too. I think i did see her on a True Jackson VP episode. But i don't have that much to say about her but overall 10/10.

  • My second favorite 5th grader on the show.

    Laura is my second favorite 5th grader on Are you smarter than a 5th grader?, but she is no stranger to acting having already voiced characters in Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo, and Ice Age: The Meltdown.

    She's pretty smart, and seems to know the answers to a lot of the questions, and I don't think she has missed too many questions, if any at all.

    Laura is sweet, cute, and a great addition to the show.