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Laura Pyper is a British actress from County Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. She is most well known for her role on the Sky One supernatural drama series 'Hex' as the time travelling witch 'Ella Dee'. She starred in several movies such as 'Reign of Fire' and 'Headrush' and guest…more


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    • (On her boyfriend Chris Dowd)
      Laura Pyper:He's very supportive and of course he loves the leather and corsets!

    • (On the cast of Hex) Laura Pyper: I think on the first day I had scenes with Jemima and we just clicked. They all had a huge amount of time off since filming for the second series began and the first ended so they came starting afresh. I've been made to feel very welcome.

    • (On her favourite moments on Hex) Laua Pyper: I loved all the stuff where I go mad. It was really cool being burnt at the stake too. They had a stunt girl but I was like, "No, I'll do it and conquer my fear of heights" ... by being strapped to a pole and lowered into flames.

    • (On her character Ella on Hex) Laura Pyper: She's a time-travelling witch but not a witch in the normal sense. She's here to fight the forces of evil and tracks down Azazeal. She's very fiesty.

    • (On the ageing makeup on Hex) Laura Pyper: The ageing makeup took about four hours to put on and it was pretty weird. I wore it for about five days overall and while it was fun I was always glad to get it off. Jemima Rooper used to make me do silly dances, so I was a bit of a dancing granny!

    • (On Stardom) Laura Pyper: I don't have any interest in moving to Hollywood... maybe someday.

    • Laura: I was burned at the stake in one episode, but I managed not to get singed or anything like that.

    • Laura: The great thing about Hex is that it has built up a really loyal fanbase and I've started to receive some fanmail - nothing weird or scary, just from normal people... I think. But no one has got carried away with it.

    • Laura Pyper: I've two brothers and two sisters and none of them are into acting. My little brother, who is 18, finds it hilarious that his friends have a picture of me as their screensavers. He's suddenly become very popular!

    • Laura Pyper: I don't come from an acting background at all. At the start, my parents were like, 'Ah, she'll get over it. It's just a phase.' But then they became really supportive and now, they are fantastic.

    • (On her outfits in Hex)
      Laura Pyper: The outfits were loads of fun to wear, but there were days, especially after lunch, when the corsets got a bit tight, but it was great to be able to wear such adventurous clothes.

    • (About her being referred to as 'Hex on legs')
      Laura Pyper: I think that quote's hilarious. But it's quite apt because of the leather and corsets and I have to admit, I'm quite flattered, but it's all just part of the job.

  • Laura Pyper is an amazing an beautiful and attractive english actor.

    Laura Pyper has been my personal favored english actor since my first bebut of her in action on hit supernatural show Hex on Skyone. Then on I suggested that I would get some info on her, such as castings and movies and etc......

    I later found out that myself was some-what attracted to her beauty. She was first female english actor that I had an crush on "Uhm then again their was Jamima Rooper which ecoheinitly become my first english actor crush, while watching Hex on Skyone. Their is not one thing to love about Laura Pyper, She has beauty, Charm, Flair, and attitude.moreless
  • A terrific actress who needs far more recegnition.

    Laura Pyper is a FANTASTIC actress. She is talented, beutiful, charmed and so many other things. She doesn't do a lot of maindtream things which is a shame as she could be huge. She is one of the reasons I became a Hex fan. She is suited to any role that she is put in and sizzled as Ella Dee on Hex. She was a standout among the also talnted cast of the series and it showed on screen in her many dramatic scenes on the second season of the show. She really should have been in all of it. Laura rocks and i hope to see a lot more of her!!!moreless