Laura Sadler





12/25/1980 , Ascot, Berkshire, UK



Birth Name



Laura Sadler trained at the renowned Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. Sylvia Young has provided many of Grange Hill's actors and also takes the credit for other celebs such as Billie Piper, Spice girl Emma Bunton and All Saints. Many youngsters try and fail to win a place at Sylvia Young's each year, so it was clear that Laura had the exceptional talent needed to gain a place.

The first time I saw Laura on TV was in 1995, when she appeared as Gabby Goggle in Goggle Vision, a series about a TV-mad family marking 40 years of Children's ITV.

Laura left Goggle Vision and in 1996 moved onto the big screen, in the movie Intimate Relations starring Rupert Graves and Julie Walters. She played Walters' teenage daughter who has an illicit relationship with her mum's handsome lodger, and carried off the role beautifully. Back in TV land, Goggle Vision continued with Gabby now played by Melanie Martinez, who has not been heard of since.

In 1996, while taking her GCSEs, Laura Sadler won the role of Judi Jeffreys in Series 20 of Grange Hill. It was a role Laura was to make her own and she played the part with great skill and emotion. Judi was a caring but put-upon Year 9 pupil who struggled to combine normal teenage life with looking after her mum who suffered from MS. She also had to look after her little brothers. Judi worried constantly that social services would find out about her home life and take them into care.

There were some powerful scenes in that series, especially when a rift developed between Judi and best mate Sarah-Jane, and I would think many people cheered when Judi told Mrs Holmes where to get off!

Laura left Grange Hill at the end of her third series in 1999 in truly dramatic way. Caught in a fire in the school, she tries to escape through a window, sadly, she falls to her death in a "jaw-dropping" finale.

Laura played the part of Skirty Marm in a BBC1 children's comedy, Belfry Witches. Skirty Marm was a teenage witch banished to earth from Witch Island with her pal Old Noshie (Lucy Davis). The pair settled in a sleepy village where they caused mayhem!

And now, the biggest role so far and one that is sure to make Laura a household name. She plays a young nurse, Sandy Harper, in the third series of the hugely popular Casualty spin-off, Holby City.