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Laura Vandervoort


9/22/1984, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Laura Dianne Vandervoort


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Laura Vandervoort, more popularly known as Supergirl in the CW series Smallville was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As a child, she was involved in several sports and athletic activities. She even earned her second-degree black belt in karate at age 16. Along with her interest…more


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    • Laura: (on hobbies) I'm in love with photography; I picked it up two years ago. Photography is something I can do when I am traveling. I also love working out and being active. I'm into baking. I also do a lot of hibernating and I watch a lot of movies. I like to relax and see my friends. I'm not really into anything all that different.

    • Laura: (on what she does to stay fit) "I love to take indoor cycling classes, do Bikram yoga, Pilates and hike with my friends whenever possible.

    • Laura: (on the best part of working on the film Ted) The best experience for me, let's face it, was doing all of my scenes with Mark Wahlberg. I was terrified and star-struck (he was the first poster on my wall), but I somehow managed to get through my scenes without passing out.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On her character Lisa in the TV series "V" supporting The Fifth Column) Well, they were just simple decisions like taking up with her mother's enemies and killing her brothers and sisters. She's been dealing with quite a bit in the last season and this season for sure doesn't get any easier. She even has more weight on her shoulders, but she does make some definite decisions and decides which side she's permanently on. The decisions do affect her this season, but she's also going through, I guess I've been calling V puberty. She's fertile this season and that's kind of affecting this season and that's affecting her judgment and she's physically changing to be a bit more of the lizard skin for her. She's struggling with that and her urges, the more animalistic side of her. She's got to keep that in check. So she's dealing with quite a bit this season.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On how fun it is to play Lisa on the second season of the TV series "V") It is. Season one, I feel like we never got a chance to know Lisa towards the end, especially before we found out that she was Anna's daughter. This season it's like a completely new character. She's got her own opinions. She's standing up for herself. She's becoming more mature and more of an adult. She's always been queen in waiting, but I feel like she's finally ready. So it's great. I have a lot of fun. And I'm playing so many different sides to her and within the finale you'll understand that a little bit more. But I'm playing – it depends on who I'm in the room with. She's got so many secrets and so many exteriors to keep up, depending on who she's in the room with. So it's a lot of fun.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On some of the things her character Lisa is going through in the second season of the TV series "V") Yeah. With the fertility thing she's got urges that she's never had to deal with before. So, basically, you're right. She's dealing with grandma showing up. She's dealing with her boyfriend kind of being brainwashed. She's dealing with new emotions. She's fighting her instincts. She's deciding whether or not to save the human race and also whether or not to take over the throne and become the queen of her people, let alone that she just killed her brothers and sisters. So she's kind of busy right now dealing with things.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On Jane Badler playing her grandmother in the TV series "V") Well, yes, Jane Badler does show up. She's playing grandma and I can't say where she's been or what she's going to do, but I can tell you it's been a lot of fun working with her and it does mix up the relationship and interaction that Anna has with Lisa because now grandma is there. And you don't know which side grandma is going to be on. So it changes quite a bit and it makes it that much more exciting, too.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On working with and her scenes with Morena in the TV series "V") She's great. Morena and I get along very well. Off set we hang out together and we kind of joke around a lot. Especially on green screen. You kind of have to to keep sane, because it's a giant green room for fifteen hours. And our scenes are so great because there is a level of creepiness to them, because we don't have that typical mother/daughter relationship. There is always a chance of something happening you don't expect in the most tender of a scene between the two of them. It's a lot of fun and there is always an odd creepiness in anything we're doing together. [laughs]

    • Laura Vandervoort: (on seeing full lizard on the second season the the TV series V)
      You're definitely going to see more lizard skin and more of the lizard...everything, and the mythology as well. So the sci-fi fans from the original who have been dying to see nods to the original are going to be happy this season.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On Jane Badler playing her grandmother in the TV series "V") Yeah! Well, Jane Badler, who everyone knows from the original is playing grandma V, and that definitely throws a wrench in the relationship and the pecking order of Anna and Lisa. Lisa does meet her gramma, and I won't say where that relationship goes, but she definitely can learn a lot from her grandmother. And it does cause some issues for Anna.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On the big changes for the second season of the TV series "V") Yeah, there are definitely a lot of changes going on between characters, and characters who haven't interacted before, are now. With Lisa and Tyler (Logan Huffman), they're definitely growing as a couple, but they're also dealing with their differences because of their beliefs, and Lisa is dealing with a lot of weight on her shoulders about whether or not she's going to overthrow her mother on the throne and save the human race or let down her own race. So she's dealing with a lot. I'm working a lot more with Elizabeth Mitchell's character, and that relationship is growing. With new actors being on the show this season, there is a lot more interaction and there are romances and there is death. [laughs] There is a little bit of everything in there.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On her character Lisa in the TV series "V" manipulating men) She's manipulating the young ones, the naïve ones or the ones who are rebellious and hate their parents. She's using any of them who have problems with being on earth to really turn them against the human race.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On her interpretation of her character Lisa in the TV series "V" after playing her for two days) From what I felt when I was playing her and from what I read, there are hundreds of thousands of Visitors on the ship. She's your typical clean-cut, cookie-cutter young girl, but she's actually higher in rank than anyone expects. She's a lot smarter than she plays it off to be, and like many girls she uses her looks to get what she wants. But she's more calculating and, as you can expect, she's not there for good.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On how she got involved with the TV series "V") I got a phone call. They were shooting in Vancouver and I've played an alien similar to the one in "V" before and they wanted to know if I wanted to be a part of it. I jumped and said, "Yeah!" It was just two days of shooting for me, because it's an introduction of my character in the pilot. If it goes to series, hopefully the character will evolve. It was great. I've never seen the original, but I've heard amazing things about it. There are a lot of good rumors on set that this is going to be big. They have a good cast, and I play the enticing young teenage alien trying to enroll the teen humans on the ship with her looks.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On what drew her to the film "Into the Blue 2") I didn't know much about the original Into the Blue except that there are a lot of bikinis and I wasn't sure if that was for me. But there was really more than that, because my character, Dani, in the script is actually a lot tougher. What drew me to it, and I think what I'm drawn to in a lot of roles, is the chance to play the ass-kicking girl. I just find damsels in distress to be a little dull. In this one I got to do a lot of action, I was scuba-trained, I was doing a lot of stunts and actually fractured my ankle while we were shooting the movie. But it's worth it. I love all of that stuff more than anything, to just really put your heart and soul into it.

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On her character Kara in the "Smallville" TV series relationship with Superman) He's telling me all of the mistakes that he's made, and I'm learning from him,

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On her first day working with the cast of "Smallville") My first day at work, I was nervous. But the cast has been great. They've been together for six years, so everyone's been really comforting,

    • Laura Vandervoort: (On joining the cast of "Smallville") It's been incredible, that's for sure,... ...It's been a whirlwind, but a wonderful whirlwind. I've been learning to fly, and she's a strong, independent woman. So it's great to play.

    • Laura: I am obsessed with purses.

    • Laura: (in a 2007 interview) It's hard to find role models these days in the acting world for my age group. However Cate Blanchett is someone I would consider a role model for myself. She has such presence, power, beauty and intelligence.

    • Laura: (in her May 2008 blog) It was an incredible journey working on Smallville this year and I feel I have grown as an actress and individual. I was able to see what I was made of. Now I move on with nothing but INCREDIBLE memories!

    • Laura: (made to choose between Superman and bad boys) Definitely Superman. I like a wholesome guy who loves his mom. No bad boys here.

    • Laura: I was kind of a nerd in high school. I was always reading and listening to music, while also honing my karate skills... Generally, I'm like a 70-year-old. I don't party at all.

    • Laura: (on her skimpy outfit on "Smallville") I wasn't a huge fan of it! I was already nervous about fitting with the cast right away so the shorts didn't make me feel comfortable! But it was apart of the role.

    • Laura: (on playing Kara on "Smallville") Preparation for me involves more of how I perceive the character than about looking at the outside work for help. For instance with Supergirl, I chose not to watch the Supergirl movie from 1984. I felt I didn't want to mirror Helen Slater's character.

    • Laura: I enjoy writing freestyle…no boundaries…just letting the words come out naturally onto the page. When I write I mostly seem to write darker and more mysterious tales, very mythical similar to M. Night Shyamalan style.

    • Laura: (on playing Supergirl in "Smallville") It's been a whirlwind, but a wonderful whirlwind. I've been learning to fly, and she's a strong, independent woman. So it's great to play.

    • Laura: (on her latest obsession; in a 2007 interview) I now love to rollerblade on Venice Beach while I have time off here in LA. Venice Beach is such a different place. Going along the boardwalk, I love to stop and take in all the different forms of art you find there.

    • Laura: (on what she'd like to try besides acting) I've always been interested in writing. I used to keep a book of all my written work from high school. I wrote darker poems (the complete opposite of who I am) and short stories. Writing is something I find very therapeutic.

    • Laura: (on being asked if she considers herself a bombshell) I am such a Tomboy and I don't really think of myself like that....besides anyone who calls themselves a bombshell, is a little to self-involved and that's not at all attractive...I'm always worried about other people, no time to worry about myself like that.

    • Laura: Hollywood is something imagined... acting is something crafted.

  • She is absolutely so pretty! I’m SO envious of her. I love that she is from Canada! (whoo!) We def. need more Canadians out there. Anyways I liked her a lot in Smallville.moreless

    She is absolutely so pretty! I’m SO envious of her. I love that she is from Canada! (whoo!) We def. need more Canadians out there. Anyways I liked her a lot in Smallville. (I have yet to see her in her movies and or shows) However in Smallville it was sad how they ended it for Season 7. Clark Didn’t even come looking for her! What Was That About!! This was just depressing. (Though her fighting back part where she changed her hair and stuff was pretty cool) Regardless I think she’s an amazing person. I hope we get to see more of her. OH MAN! They should have a trailer for her movie in the background in season 9. It would be AMAZING!moreless
  • Laura Vandervoort was a series regular on the N television series Instant Star with Alexz Johnson as Sadie, and Smallville with Tom Welling as Kara Zor-El/ Supergirl.

    I really dont know what i should say about Laura. ill start with Smallville, as i am a huge fan of the show. Laura was cast as Clark Kent's (Tom Welling) cousin, Kara. Laura i thought had a decent performance. I really wish that she would've done better, but i think she was a little out of her element when she was on the show. i thought she had some fantastic scenes, and a few that weren't so fantastic, but i thought she did and overall good job. Now, when i saw an episode of Instant Star, i thought that Laura did a fantastic job. My sister watched the show, which recently aired its final episode, and while i was waiting for the t.v i noticed that she did a fantastic job. So that is why i think she was out of her element on smallville, but had a decent performance.moreless