Laurel Goodwin

Laurel Goodwin


8/11/1942, Wichita, Kansas

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Laurel Goodwin made her film debut in 1962 in an Elvis Presley movie titled Girls! Girls!Girls! She was playing the role of Laurel Dodge, a young woman who hides the fact that she is rich in order to be accepted for who she really is. Laurel Goodwin also…more


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  • A fine actress who should have had more opportunities...

    The best glimpse of Goodwin's talent is in the 1965 film The Glory Guys, directed by Arnold Laven, (written by Sam Peckinpah) It was not the best showcase.

    An action western best known for the massive Little Bighorn type battle scenes in the last quarter... it did not have impressive acting (though a young James Caan was present...) Goodwin had the standout performance.

    She is cast as Beth... the daughter of parents who run a mission in town. We have little background, though her mother seems to be a very sensible and warm woman.

    Beth is the love interest for a young and bright... though very naive trooper (Michael Anderson Jr.) Beth is at least as bright as he is... though obviously farmore mature. She is warm hearted, has a good sense of humor and is wise for her years.

    You get the impression that she picked Anderson's character because he is bright, decent, and sincere... and because (in a good way) she knows that she can shape the rest of his growth and produce exactly the special kind of man that she wants.

    Unfortunately theirs is the lesser of two love stories in a western action film... where *one* love story is often considered to slow the story down.

    In 1965 there were countless actresses trying to be noticed.Directors and producers missed out on a really talented actress... andthe restof us never got to see her in better roles...